Tripping the Light Fantastic

Every now and then, we get to work with some really amazing artists to create beauty that seems almost out of this world.

Woman in a feathered dress

(Hair in the above photo by Lauren & Nikki; Makeup by Autumn & Nikki; Photo by Barry Freeman Photography)

Sarah Mermaid Playing with Hair - Jehann(Sarah Standing Mermaid (Sarah Bentman); Hair by Mariah (@hairbylukies) Makeup by Samantha Trionfo (@samanthatrionfo.MUArtistry) Photo by Jehann de Champvallon (@jehanndechampvallon))


Danielle Ballerina - Jehann(Danielle the Ballerina (@daniellehopeabrom); Hair by Lauren & Nikki (@loo_loo_bear @nvsaloncollective) Makeup by Autumn & Nikki (@autumnshae @nvsaloncollective) Photo by Jehann de Champvallon (@jehanndechampvallon))

It takes a lot of people coordinating with each other for a lot of hours to pull this sort of thing together… almost like a dance.

Nami Spanish Dancer - Jehann

Nami Spanish Dancer (@namrehcannon); Hair by Mariah (@hairbylukies) Makeup by Autumn (@autumnshae) Photo by Jehann de Champvallon (@jehanndechampvallon)

We shot nine models in seven hours with two photographers. We feel very accomplished and excited to have been a part of such a positive, creative, and hard-working team.