Everyone Needs A Spa Day!

At NV Salon Collective we believe in taking care of you from head to toe. On February 1 we are offering an opportunity to treat your feet (and your whole body!) to a detoxifying foot bath with Martha Garland, Holistic Person with feet in water and flower blossomsPractitioner. Not only will you get to sit still in a quiet space for 30 minutes while you let your feet relax in a tub of warm water; you’ll also be able to detox your body and Martha will be able to tell you exactly what in your body you’re fighting against so you can make a plan to continue to feel better in the future.

We can’t guarantee you pretty purple flowers in your foot bath, but we are very confident that your feet will thank you anyway.

Appointments are limited, so please call Kristina at our Front Desk to schedule an appointment today!