Is That Shampoo Too Cheap To Be True?

At NV Salon Collective, we take pride in prescribing the best quality products from Bumble & bumble to maintain your hard earned, professional hair color and style. We recommend only what we think will work best for you, and offer new suggestions seasonally to keep your hair looking and behaving its best when you’re at home.

Nervous dollThat’s why we want you to understand the “Gray Market” and what it means for you as a consumer. Professional salon products can only be guaranteed if purchased from a salon. They are often compromised if you find them any where but in a salon. Feel free to read the entire article, but here are a few bullet points. Gray-market products are likely:

  • counterfeit or stolen
  • diluted with water or alcohol
  • expired and spoiled
  • often more expensive than you would pay in the salon for the genuine product

When you buy your hair care products from us, not only are you getting the real deal at the fair price, you’re also supporting a local business. And we earn education from the manufacturer so we can stay up to date on styles to bring back to the salon for you!

You can read more about the dangers of gray-market products .