The Importance of Buying Products in the Salon

We often are asked why it’s important to buy Salon Products in the Salon. I recently came across this picture on Facebook. Although we don’t sell Redken retail, we do sell Bumble and bumble retail and the struggle of diversion is real for all manufacturers.

bottles of shampooThis photo shows the difference between a bottle of shampoo that is manufactured by Redken and one that is a knock-off. Not only are the bottles different, but the ingredients are different. The quality of ingredients in a store bought bottle are much lesser in quality than that of a salon bought product. You are paying salon product prices for a product that may be damaging to your hair instead of protecting and enhancing it. It’s like buying a knock-off designer handbag, but instead of just being on your arm, it is affecting your physical being.

The benefits of buying a product in the salon are great.

  • a professional recommendation for a product which will be specific to the needs your stylist has chosen based on your consultation
  • a product with high quality ingredients which will address your specific hair care needs
  • a concentrated product that, although it may be more expensive, will last longer and thus becomes more cost-effective in the long run
  • a guarantee that by supporting your stylist and salon your stylist will be able to continue to study and learn new trends and techniques to bring back to you in the salon

Products that are sold outside of a professional salon are not the same quality as what you would buy in a salon. By supporting this process, you are supporting an illegal practice which not only doesn’t benefit you but also doesn’t benefit the stylist who wants to make sure you look and feel the very best you can.

At NV Salon Collective, we would be happy to recommend a product that works for you specific hair type and matches your hair care routine. Come on in and ask. We’ll look forward to working with you.