Styling the Boys of Hampden

As a stylist, I have worked in Baltimore and New York salons, and traveled as an educating artist across the states and in Europe. I worked back stage at burlesque shows and photo shoots, and on stage at hair shows.

2016 Boys of Hampden CalendarWorking as a stylist for the Boys of Hampden Calendar certainly tops my list as one of the most wonderful and exciting projects in which I have participated. Styling men was a very different experience than styling women.

All the boys had the look they wanted to shoot and required little or no coaxing to get the shot. All I had to do was offer suggestions for angles, tweak outfits, and cajole smiles or sexy looks. These guys acted like pros and really made it a lot of fun. There was no lack of confidence with this crew!

We styled and photographed 29 men in 2 days. It was a break-neck pace but since they had done their homework it really worked.

The best part is that now the calendar is done and available for $20. All proceeds benefit the Hampden Community Center. You can buy the calendar in Hampden businesses, or online at

I’m excited to see what the Ladies of Hampden do next year. Will we go classic with an edge. . .sexy. . .classy? We’ll let the ladies decide.

— Nikki Verdecchia