Our Colors Were Running!

Team NV Salon Collective ran in the Baltimore Color Run last Saturday.

First we’re clean.

11017550_10205014312132159_5496127168902495175_n 11118618_10205014311452142_1482694156743160186_n

Then not so much.11265418_10205014310612121_7065780658042290715_n 11329984_10205014310292113_2005162993764677520_n 11377383_10205014309452092_8871399997172053208_n 10371482_10205014307972055_2403792805177300654_n 11266587_10205014307452042_4534276922180640850_n 20306_10205014307212036_4836802384069203870_n

Are you wondering what all that colored stuff is? It’s corn starch with color. Want to see what it feels like to be covered in the stuff? Watch Mike Lee’s video.

We had a BLAST!