Finding (And Keeping) Your Inspiration

NV Salon Gang Selfie from New YorkIn a recent trip to Bumble & bumble University in NYC, NV Salon stylists Missy Mason, Britney Layton, and Maya Leone got some great ideas about getting, and staying inspired.

Social Media played a big role in the class and the stylists learned how to stay connected using Facebook, Instagram, and other websites. By posting pictures of the looks they are creating daily for their clients we hope to inspire other people to want great hair.

At NV Salon, we love seeing new faces. It is a great source of inspiration. But we are especially dedicated to staying inspired for our loyal clients who have continued to support us through the years. The pictures and ideas you bring us are as inspirational to us as any trip to NYC! Bring us a picture that inspires you during the month of May and mention the blog post. We’ll give you $10 off your service that day.